Austin Carpenters to March on City Hall APRIL 15 in a Workers Rights Rally

Austin’s professional carpenters are holding an ATX Drywallers Unite! rally and march on Austin City Hall on April 15 to demand better working conditions. The Central South Carpenters Regional Council is coordinating the event in order to come to the aide of drywall hangers and metal stud framers (interior construction workers) who are being left out of Austin’s economic growth.

“The construction industry is experiencing a time of great prosperity, but the wages for workers performing the actual work to literally build Austin haven’t seen that growth,” said Alex Ornelas Austin Area Manager for the Council. “It’s time for the carpenters whose knowledge, skill and hands build the wealth of this city to be properly compensated for their role in this prospering economy.”

Austin carpenters in this sector make considerably less per hour than their counterparts in Arizona, Colorado, and other surrounding states.

“Contractors are prospering equally around the country—why not Austin?” Ornelas said. “The difference between ATX and every other area is that men and women stood together there, and demanded better wages, benefits, and working conditions. They succeeded by uniting together."

For 138 years, the carpenters union has protected worker rights by fighting for equality in pay, safe working conditions, shorter work day, healthcare benefits and a dignified retirement for middle-class workers.

Union staff heard from Austin’s unrepresented carpenters directly and talked with real workers at real job sites and realized - beyond a shadow of a doubt — now is the time to join together, to unify, and to create better working and paying conditions for the Austin Interior Systems sector.

ATX Drywallers Unite!

April 15, 2019

Noon to 2:30 p.m.

March from Republic Square Park to Austin City Hall