Central South Carpenters Increase Staff in Texas

The Central South Carpenters have added two well-experienced carpenters and community leaders to its staff in Texas.

Jacob Coburn is a third generation, 21-year union carpenter and will focus his efforts in Austin, Texas through Local 1266. Jacob started his union carpentry career in Las Vegas, and worked his way up to foreman and general foreman before becoming one of the youngest superintendents at his employer’s company. Jacob left the UBC for a period to serve in the US Army and has stayed active with the Army National Guard.

“The transition to the Guard allowed to me focus full time with the Carpenters Union but still assist the Army with drills on weekends. I’m extremely proud to call myself a family man: I'm happily married with four beautiful daughters and one son. I absolutely love my job and am extremely grateful to work for an amazing Council, as well as an outstanding organization in the United Brotherhood. of Carpenters."

John Roberts has been a professional carpenter for two decades and will focus his efforts in Amarillo through Local 665. John started his career as a non-union carpenter, but soon realized the benefits of being a UBC member. He’s worked as a journeyman, foreman, and general foreman. He also served as a trustee and alternate delegate for CSCRC Local 329 in Oklahoma before moving to Amarillo for this staff position. John also is active in the UBC member leadership development program. He’s completed everything from the 3rd year apprentice and 300-hitters training to the 212 Next-Level UBC Leader, foreman, and political training courses.

“As a former non-union carpenter, I personally understand the deep necessity for strong union representation. I am commented to helping the Council obtain its goal of 70% market share, and I look forward to the time when all of us see it.”