Gary Warren (left) & Matt Capece

Council Political Director Helps Expose Rampant Payroll Fraud

UBC efforts to expose workers’ compensation premium fraud by contractors has caught the attention of the American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds (AASCIF).

Recently, the Central South Carpenters Regional Council's Political Director, Gary Warren, and the UBC’s Matt Capece spoke to AASCIF members at the organization’s 2017 conference. AASCIF are the insurers who are among the most vulnerable to construction employers who hide payroll to illegally lower their premiums. 

Warren and Capece gave a presentation on the breadth of the illegal schemes that are costing insurers hundreds of millions of dollars. The growing use of law-breaking labor brokers received signification attention. The two men also talked about the epidemic of workers' compensation premium fraud in the construction industry, and how improved vigilance by underwriters and more robust audits would help insurers who are being cheated.

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