Mr. Jason Engels

EST Jason Engels and His Team Unanimously Re-elected as Council Leadership

In a unanimous vote recently, delegates of the Central South Carpenters Regional Council re-elected Mr. Jason Engels as its Executive Secretary-Treasurer (EST), as well as his slate of officers. Mr. Engels has served as EST since 2004. Under his leadership, the Council has steadily gained in membership and work opportunities for its near 5,500 members. In fact, the number of hours worked as a Council jumped by more than 10 percent in 2014-15 over 2013.

“I am anxious to continue our work to supply Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana with carpenters who work quickly, accurately, and safely, regardless of project,” EST Engels said. “Our region is at a crossroads: If we can answer the manpower needs for our booming industries, we can provide a healthy boost to the local economy. The Central South Carpenters are trained and ready to go to make it happen.”

In addition to Mr. Engels’ election, the following members were also unanimously voted to re-election of their Council leadership positions. They are:
  • Council President: John Edwards of Local 1846, Louisiana
  • Council Vice President: Dwayne Young of Local 71, Arkansas
  • Executive Committee Members Ray Calamari (Local 1846), Kavin Giffin (Local 429,Texas), and Doug Wilkinson (Local 943, Oklahoma)
  • Trustees Juan Lozano (Local 551, Texas), Emanuel Mitchell (Local 1846), and Gary Warren (Local 1098, Louisiana)
  • Warden: Robert Stolle, of Local 1266, Texas
  • Conductor: Marco Vargas, of Local 429, Texas
For more photos of the council meeting, please click here.