UBC Political Efforts Help Protect Members

When the U.S. House of Representatives recently released their tax extenders and Omnibus Bill, it included two items that are noteworthy for CSCRC members:

First is a two-year delay on launching the 40 percent Cadillac Tax; and second is a significant increase in funding for the Army Corps of Engineers that will lead to more work opportunities, particularly with waterway systems, locks, and dams. Both bills are expected to have support through the House, Senate and President.

The UBC also enjoyed a great victory in the Highway Bill, with the allocation of $300+ billion over the next 5 years. UBC political efforts also helped defeat several attempts to repeal Davis Bacon, and to increase the threshold for jobs bid. 

We look forward to more successful outcomes in 2016 as we fight the challenges ahead of us, including Payroll Fraud, TPP, getting Hillary elected as President, taking back the Senate, defeating anti-worker legislation, and electing governors who respect working families.