John Edwards (left) and Emanuel Mitchell (right) said they were honored to spend time with Mr. Simoneaux

Nation's Oldest Living Man, 75-Year CSCRC Member, Passes Away

EDITOR'S NOTE: We are saddened to report that Felix Simoneaux, considered to be the nation's oldest man, and the oldest carpenter in our Council, has passed away. Here's a good article about him.

Here's an article we ran about Felix about a month ago...

Carpenters Honor 75-Year Member

Felix Simoneaux became a card-carrying member of the Louisiana Carpenters Local Union 1846 in 1941. Just 75 years later, Mr. Simoneaux, who turns 111 soon, continues to live the retired life in a home he built for himself decades ago. Recently, Mr. Simoneaux was honored for his achievement in a visit by Council Representative Emanuel Mitchell, and John Edwards, who is President of the Central South Carpenters Regional Council, and Financial Secretary and Council Representative of Local 1846.

During the visit, Mr. Simoneaux spoke of having the pleasure of working at various hotels, restaurants, and camps, and also at Higgins Shipyard and Union Carbide. Specifically, he reminisced about one of the biggest jobs he worked on: The LSU hospital. “The secret of having a long life is, I never smoked or drank whiskey, but more importantly, I lived a clean life,” Mr. Simoneaux said.

The Central South Carpenters and Local 1846 sincerely congratulate Mr. Kermit Simoneaux for his long, successful career as a union carpenter!