About the Regional Council

Council Leadership

Executive Officers

Jason Engels Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Dwayne Young President

Kavin Griffin Vice President

Ray Calamari Executive Committee Member

John West Executive Committee Member

Doug Wilkinson Executive Committee Member

Gary Warren Trustee

Jeremy Hughes Trustee

Charles Davis Trustee

Alex Ornelas Warden

Troy Jupiter Conductor

Senior Staff

Staff Members

Council Representatives

  • Albino Balderas
  • Lane Barnes
  • Greg Carter
  • Mu Son Chi
  • Jacob Coburn
  • Terry Darling
  • John Edwards
  • Kenneth Fontenot
  • Sean Forkner
  • Les Harvel
  • Jeremy Hughes
  • Franciso Marquez
  • Man Peavy
  • Jose Pereyra
  • John Roberts
  • Beau Serpas
  • Shawn Walker
  • John R. West, II
  • William White
  • Doug Wilkinson
  • Michael “Dwayne” Young

Program Directors

Job Site Leaders

Job Site Leaders

This is a list of leaders: Central South men and women trained through a formal leadership program in skills that make jobsites more productive, safe, and efficient.

Council Delegates

Council Delegates

Our delegates are representatives of the union brothers and sisters working hard for our locals on jobsites throughout our five-state service territory.