Skills + Safety = Industrial Scaffolding

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The role that scaffolding contractors play on worksites is increasingly critical to the success of that project. Whether work calls for ground-supported, structuresupported, or suspended scaffolds, the key to success is consistently safe, productive work. That type of performance is achieved only by professionals who are trained, tested, and qualified to complete scaffolding assignments safely and productively.

Industrial Scaffolding

Industrial Scaffolding Solutions: Safe Work. Solid Results. Every Time.

The Central South Regional Council of Carpenters invests the time and resources to make sure our scaffolding professionals are trained to produce superior results every time. Our priority is to place only the best-trained, safest, most productive scaffolders in the industry onto the job site. Our well-trained, safety-minded scaffolders work well in the refinery, power generation, renewable energy, steel, petrochemical, civil infrastructure, industrial, and commercial construction industries.

Proven Ability Via Qualification Testing

Because of our training, Central South scaffolders are experts who put high value on working safely and productively. We stress teamwork, communications, technical proficiency, and more safety.

We train, test, monitor, and train again. Scaffolders must complete rigorous training and then are tested to earn scaffold qualifications in:

Industrial Scaffolding
  • 32-, 40-, and 60-hour Scaffold
  • 16-hour Welded Frame & Mobile Tower
  • 16-hour Tube & Clamp Scaffold
  • 20-hour Systems Scaffold
  • 8-hour Scaffold User
  • 40-hour Industrial Scaffold
  • Rough Terrain Forklift
  • Aerial Lift

Our new Rigger and Signaler Certification program meets new rigger and signaler requirements in 29 CFR 1926 Section CC — Cranes & Derricks.

Our Skills Go Beyond Carpentry:

  • Experience. We know how to provide safe access and egress, build safe engineered structures, provide temporary facilities for work locations, and provide protection for other workers.
  • Expertise. We solve problems quickly by troubleshooting the issue and implementing a solution.
  • Flexibility. Disciplined crews are available to work non-traditional hours to keep projects on time.
  • Professionalism. We understand the importance of a good attitude and professional work ethic, and how to properly represent the contractor and the project owner on the job site. Our goal is to partner with project owners to solve problems and complete tasks to the customer’s satisfaction, and to address challenges that surface during a project in a manner that keeps productivity humming.

Industrial Scaffolding

Trained for Productivity

Intensive training sets Central South scaffolding professionals apart. Classroom and hands-on instruction hones in on technical proficiency, as well as soft skills such as understanding operations worksheets and daily work schedules. We also offer customized training and onsite training if the need arises. Just a portion of our training includes:

  • Scaffold Erection
  • Mast Climbing Work Platforms
  • Ground-Supported Scaffolding
  • Job Analysis/Site Inspection
  • Welded Frame and Mobile Tower
  • Scaffold Design
  • Tube and Clamp
  • Scaffold Prints
  • Formwork and Shoring
  • Material Estimation
  • Aerial Lifts
  • Suspended Access/Swing Stage
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Confined Space
  • Aerial Work Platforms

Special Attention to Safety

Safety is our top priority on every project. We are trained in the most current safety practices in the industry, because our curriculum is done in partnership with OSHA to address OSHA scaffold regulations. Every Central South scaffolding professional masters safety training skills before being cleared to work. Training includes:

  • OSHA 10/30
  • Ergonomics
  • MSDS
  • Automated External Defibrillation
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Fall Protection

Foremen and Superintendent Leadership

We train the best candidates to be foremen and superintendents—leaders who motivate workers, communicate effectively, and solve problems.

Make a Sound Business Decision

By placing Central South scaffolding specialists on your project, you are avoiding the hassle and expense of recruiting, hiring, and training workers. Prevent scrambling to find these specialized carpenters with the proper qualifications that your job site calls for, and place the assignment in the hands of skilled, productive crews. By requiring Central South scaffold carpenters, you’ll quickly benefit from our commitment to keep you competitive and profitable.

We will provide that for you. Give us a call.