Council Adds Three New Staff Members

We are proud to welcome three new members to our team. Shanta Prude, Les Harvel, and Rosslyn Gibson will each add their extensive experience and talents to further our member services and our work to gain more work for our members!

Shanta Prude

Shanta is a third-generation union carpenter and a 10-year member from Local 3094 in Florien, Louisiana, who currently works for a plywood mill. She will serve as a Council Representative and Coordinator of the Central South’s Sisters in the Brotherhood program.

“I have seen, firsthand, what the Union has accomplished for the working person, from fair wages to health codes and safer working environments,” Shanta said. “I hope to use my role as a Union Representative to bring the members closer together and to help them see that the Union is only as strong as its members are. Members sometimes do not see the Union as "their" Union. My goal is to help them see that not only do they belong to a Local Union but that also their Union belongs to them.”

She’s off to a great start! Shanta got 20 people to sign up to become Union members within a week! “Not only did they sign up but they also saw the importance of the Union in their workplace and they saw that they were stronger with more Union members,” she said.

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Les Harvel

Les is a 28-year member of Carpenters & Piledrivers Local Union 1846 in New Orleans, LA, and will now serve as a Council Representative for Local 1846. 

Les was previously a general foreman specializing in driving all types of piling. He holds a host of specializations, including certified rigger, chop saw/chainsaw, excavator, forklift and first aid/CPR, and was a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters’ International Piledriving Committee.

“One of the most important things to me throughout my career was having a job that provides a high enough income, with benefits, enabling me to have a stable single-income household,” Les said. “My hope is to relay Council and UBC information to our membership in a way that helps them understand the goals of the Council, as well as opportunities available to them as members.”


Rosslyn Gibson

Rosslyn is an 11-year member of Carpenters Local Union 551 in Houston, TX, and a part-time trade show instructor at the Pasadena Training Center in Texas. She will now serve as a Council Representative for Local 551 and also focus efforts on the Council’s political program.

Rosslyn’s carpentry skills focus on scaffolding, high-end millwork, and interior systems, as well as being a foreman and general foreman for trade shows. She also holds Train-the-Trainer certifications in Power Truck, Aerial Lift Operator, First Aid, CPR, AED, and Trade Show I & D.  

She is also an active member in both the Council’s and UBC’s leadership development tract. Not only is she a 300-hitter, but she is also a Council delegate, a delegate to the UBC’s General Convention, treasurer of Local 551, and a Deputy Voter Registrar for Harris County, Texas.

“I am living proof that women have the ability to lead and exceed expectations in a male-dominated industry, and can thrive if given the opportunity without fear of sabotage, backlash, and retaliation,” she said. “That’s the positive environment that exists here at the Central South Carpenters.”

“My Goal as a Council Representative is to build progressive, sustainable relationships, partnerships and bridges with politicians, corporations, contractors, and my community at large that fuel the recovery of our marketshare while also changing the very face and fabric of leadership in the construction industry, CSCRC, and the UBC. After all, Jesus was a carpenter! Carpenters are the very foundation of the building trades. We are the chief corner stone!”

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