Freeman Fabrication Worker Meeting Attracts Interactive and Engaged Members

Local 429 hosted a well-attended and attentive audience of its membership recently to discuss the new contract about to be negotiated with Freeman Fabrication.

This is the first in a series of meetings, where Local 429 and Central South Regional Council leadership are gathering information from members regarding what is important to them - the workers - in this next contract.

Invited to attend were all Local 429 members currently and formerly working for Freeman Fabrication in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

“At the core of our Council’s goals is to service, represent, and protect our members, and secure for them the best contract we can with our employers,” said Central South EST Jason Engels. “Our members’ input is vital and necessary. Every opinion matters.”

At the meeting, members had the chance to interact with Kavin Griffin, assistant to EST Engels; Shawn Walker, council representative for Local 429; and Will McFarlin, Local 429 president.

Discussion centered on wages, benefits, and a host of other suggestions offered by the members.

Those attending included members of the 3rd year apprenticeship program, journeymen “300-Hitter” leaders, and members who have already graduated from the new “212 Journeyman” advanced leadership training presented by the UBC.

The next meeting is Tuesday, February 19 at 11:30 a.m. at the Local 429 Union Hall and Training Center, 1901 Susan Drive, Arlington, TX, 76010

For more information, contact the Local:

Phone: 817-784-0429