Industrial Delegates Dive Into Council Leadership Role

Recently, Industrial Delegates across the UBC met at the International Training Center in Las Vegas for a great work session and conference.

Central South industrial delegates heard from EST Jason Engels (shown in the photo during a Central South Council breakout session), Chief of Staff Craig Wright, and Legal Counsel Jay Youngdahl.

The group was given an overview of the CSCRC, and then discussed council industrial operations and representation, growth goals, training, and business development.

Congratulations and thank you to each of our delegates for their dedication and commitment to their union:

Local 724: Richard Martinez, Ngoc Phan, Moises Osti

1751: Jose Olivo, Robert Robinson

2086: Valerie Hosey, Berry Harper, Anita Booth

2153: Robert Barnes, Clay Milsap

2445: Lilie Forte, Calvin Bigbee

2019: Marilyn Nelson, Joyce Turner

2285: Glenn Gaston, Philip Griffin

2345: Terry Dunn, Johnny Shine, Rhonda Williams

3094: Ricky Rhone, Christy Tilmon, Delton Edmondson

3101: Angela Hurks, Wanda Lewis, Raymond Green

View a slide show of this meeting, here.