Prepare Now for the Spring Nuclear Outage Season

Brothers and Sisters,

In the Spring of 2020, from JANUARY-MAY, there will be a need for more than 800 carpenters with a scaffold card, OSHA 10 and a red badge for nuclear plant work. If you have never been in a nuclear plant and are interested in getting a red badge, please call your local BA for more details. NOW would be a great time to get your red badge, which you can do if you have a clean record.

Also, please check your training card to see if your scaffold and OSHA cards are up to date. If not, please schedule the needed training. Don't let a 40-hour scaffold class or 8-hour refresher course keep you out of a nuclear plant this spring.

Finally, some facilities are requiring an asbestos card, so please check with your local BA for details.

The spring outage season will be here before we know it. Let's all take steps now to be ready for this coming work.