L to R: Terry Darling, Miguel Avitia, Gary Warren, Francisco Marquez, Alex Ornelas, Dennis De La Garza, Sean Forkner, Albino Balderas, Brian Carrow

Texas Brothers Take a Stand for Workers

Central South members and staff rallied with other labor-protective groups to create a strong presence at the Texas Workforce Commission recently to protect the rights of middle-class workers.

At issue is a new role the TWC is considering, which will misclassify more employees as independent contractors. The proposed rule change would define a marketplace contractor, or contractor, as any individual, corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship or any other entity that enters into an agreement with a marketplace platform to use the internet to provide services to third-party individuals. 

“We stood in opposition of this proposed rule change because we believe it would make it easier for employers to illegally misclassify employees as “independent contractors,” said Alex Ornelas, Austin Area Manager for the Central South Carpenters.

Austin Carpenters Local 1266 members and Council staff, along with Political Director Gary Warren, teamed with the Texas AFL-CIO, Texas Building Trades, Workers Defense Project, Equal Justice Center, and Texas State Rep. Ramón Romero for a press conference to have their opinion heard.

Texas Workforce Commissioners are expected to make their decision in the next few months.

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