Mr. Sabin (left) with CSCRC EST Jason Engels

Carpenters Endorse Warwick Sabin for Little Rock Mayor

Central South Carpenters held a rally in Little Rock on Oct. 10 to publicly support and Endorse Warwick Sabin for Mayor. Mr. Sabin is currently an Arkansas state representative. He is among 24 national political leaders awarded the Rodel Fellowship by the Aspen Institute for his “outstanding ability to work responsibly across partisan divisions and bring greater civility to public discourse.”

Mr. Sabin earned the support and endorsement of the Central South Carpenters because of his alignment with our values: Supporting and promoting legislation and construction projects to boost economic development and provide good wages and benefits for our members. Representing the CSCRC at the event were EST Jason Engels, Chief of Staff Craig Wright, Political Director Gary Warren and Council Reps for Arkansas, William White and Dwayne Young.

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