Central South Carpenters Host Texas Jobsite Foremen to Discuss Managerial Concerns

The Central South Carpenters’ Local 1266 in Austin has begun hosting a series of informational meetings for jobsite foremen. The goal is to discuss issues centering on jobsite concerns, production busters, managing apprentices, and the profile of the ideal mechanic.  Attendees learned about opportunities the Central South Carpenters Regional Council (CSCRC) provides to address these issues and how to leverage the CSCRC as a resource for assistance. They also heard about the role that mentoring can play, and the formal foreman training available to them. Discussion also centered on worker misclassification and the CSCRC’s work to fight it.

“We had great participation, and the gentlemen seemed to build an understanding that they all struggle with the same issues,” said Alex Ornelas, Resource Management Director for the Council.

The initial meeting in July saw just four foremen attending from Standard Drywall Inc (SDI), and another from Built on the Rock. Local 1266 executive board member Ramon Rosales, who also is a lead for Craftcorps, also attended and help facilitate the meeting. A month later, attendance more than doubled, including six more foremen from SDI, three On-the-Job training (OJT) representatives from the Carpenters International Training Center, Ramon Rosales, and several CSCRC staff, including EST Jason Engels.

August’s talk centered on how to improve material staging to increase productivity, training, and a successful OJT program in Denver that could work in Texas. A long discussion about work ethic, attitude, and worker retention was held, with possible solutions surfacing for consideration.

“We anticipate a regular series of these meetings to help foremen understand the asset they have with the Central South Carpenters, and how we can provide solutions to a number of their concerns,” said EST Engels. “We are encouraged by the jump in attendance after just one month and expect to see those numbers continue to rise.”

For more information about the Foremen Meetings, contact Alex Ornelas at