EST Engels Reappointed to Louisiana Workforce Investment Council

Congratulations to Council Executive Secretary-Treasurer Jason B. Engels of Baton Rouge and Local 1098, who was recently reappointed to the Louisiana Workforce Investment Council by Governor John Bel Edwards for another 6-year term. Mr. Engels will serve as a representative of labor on the Investment Council.

The†Louisiana Workforce Investment Council†serves to develop a strategic plan to coordinate and integrate a workforce development delivery system to assure efficiency and cooperation between public and private entities by advising the governor on the needs of Louisianaís employers and its workforce as well as being responsible for occupational forecasting, which is used for driving programs and funding for job training. The council is comprised of members from stakeholder groups of business and industry, organized labor, state and local government and community organizations.

As the Central South Carpentersí EST, Mr. Engels oversees about 5,000 skilled carpenters and pile drivers from Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. He collaborates daily with business, labor and industry to create a productive workforce that makes the regionís construction community more competitive and puts more people to work with a rewarding career that supports a good quality of life. Mr. Engels is also steering an aggressive recruitment campaign to bring more skilled carpenters to the area to address manpower shortages in the industrial sector.

Mr. Engels is a native of Louisiana and a graduate of Louisiana State University. He earned the position to lead the Central South Carpenters in 2004 by making his way through the ranks as a professional carpenter. He is well known in the construction community for his sound leadership, business acumen, and technical proficiency.