Central South Carpenters EST Jason Engels (left) and Texas Workforce Commissions Julian Alvarez

Four Events in 24 Hours Yields Countless Opportunities for the Gulf Coast Construction Community!

Potential and opportunity swirled as actively as the wind this week at the newly opened Houston Carpenters and Millwrights Training Center in Pasadena, Texas. From 5 pm April 3 to 5 pm April 4, the Central South Carpenters and Southern States Millwrights teamed with the Texas Training Trust Fund to present 24 hours of industry awareness, membership retention, civic partnership, and recruitment events.

Here’s what they accomplished:

1. For about 300 construction, business and legislative leaders, the potential for an excellent return on investment, unmatched safety, and high productivity was illustrated in many ways at the Center’s Grand Opening celebration.

The Gulf Coast industrial sector can best harness its incredible potential when labor, management, and ownership collaborate for the best possible job site outcomes. By what is learned on our shop floor and in the classrooms, we will provide a workforce that increases the productivity of our employers so that our region maximizes its competitiveness.




The 52,000 square-foot facility represents a multi-million dollar investment into the Gulf Coast region’s future. The facility was established specifically to cater to the needs of the industrial and petrochemical sectors. In 2013, discussion began between the construction community, Texas Training Fund Trustees and the UBC regarding the need for a training facility that would meet the needs of the various economic sectors of Houston.

The leaders of this project are (pictured left to right) Houston Training Coordinator David Barron, SSMRC EST Wayne Jennings, UBC Southern District VP Dennis Donahou, CSCRC EST Jason Engels, and Texas Training Director Paul Jones.


2. Opportunity was on display for four talented carpenters from Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia, as they participated in the Southern District Drywall Olympics. Cameron Butler of Mid-South Carpenters Local 50 in Knoxville, Tennessee emerged the victor. All four competitors were excellent craftsmen. In fact, the difference between finishing first and fourth was 20 seconds.

Cameron (shown here on the far right) next represents the Southern District at the UBC’s International Drywall Olympics later this year at the Carpenters International Training Center in Las Vegas.


3. A large contingent from the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce held its “Building of the Month” ceremony at the Training Center, awarding the award to our new Training Facility, which also houses the Carpenters Local 551’s offices. This combination of training and administration better services our employers, customers, members and the community. By what is learned on our shop floor and in classrooms, we are providing a workforce that increases the productivity of our employers, which in turn enables our region to be more competitive.

Our new facility will also create new jobs. Local young men and women apprentices can obtain about $20,000 in free training and launch a career that provides the wages and benefits for a decent standard of living for themselves and their families.

4. A steady stream of Houston-area high school and vo-tech students received, firsthand, a realistic look at a career in carpentry and millwrighting by attending the new Training Center’s first Open House. Students and educators toured the facility, tried hands-on demonstrations, tested safety equipment, and talked with trainers, apprentices and journeymen about their experiences as a union craftsperson.

There is a LOT more to show and tell about this 24-hour outreach blitz, and we are putting great video and photo packages together to tell those stories. For now, though, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at this amazing 24 hours! 

Stay tuned! In the mean time, check out the event's program, below!

File: Houston Grand Opening Program Booklet.pdf