Cyndi Nguyen, Council Member of District E of New Orleans (second from left) talks with John Edwards, Emanuel Mitchell, Anita Montgomery, and Denise Mitchell.

New Orleans Gets Active with Emerge Louisiana

Leaders from Local 1846 in New Orleans represented the Council well recently at the Emerge Louisiana inaugural graduation ceremony!

Local 1846 SIB Chairwoman Anita Montgomery and Reps John Edwards and Emanuel Mitchell were invited to attend the Ceremony. And they had a great reason to celebrate - because through positivity, hard work, & perseverance, 22 Democratic women are now thoroughly trained to run for various public offices.

Judge Paula A. Brown with the Court of Appeal, Fourth Circuit State of Louisiana (second from left), spends time with John Edwards, Emanuel Mitchell, Anita Montgomery, and Denise Mitchell.

Starting with a breakfast meeting, the LU1846 trio met several members of the class as well as local judges, Council Representatives and other Union Representatives.

Melanie Oubre and Jennifer Greene, Director and VP of Emerge Louisiana  explained how the parent organization Emerge America began its vetting processes, and the type of curriculum that is customized for each female candidate. At the graduation ceremony, New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell and state Congressional candidate Tammy Savoie were featured attendees.

Tammy is a graduate of the Emerge Louisiana program, and is running for the Louisiana 1st Congressional District seat. Savoie spoke highly of the SIB program that the Central South Carpenters operates, and said she will incorporate them in her future endeavors.

Special thanks to Maria Robles, CSCouncil SIB Coordinator, who set the ball in motion with the women of Emerge to help build our relationships in Louisiana.

New Orleans City Councilman At-large Jason Williams (second from left) is seen here with Emanuel Mitchell, John Edwards, Anita Montgomery, and Denise Mitchell.